Westridge Photos was only 3 years old when we took ownership in 1993. Since then we have had many changes but the one thing to never change has been our quality of service.

Owners Cameron and Julie Clark have been passionate about photography and see the business as a way of encouraging others to be passionate as well. Julie has been involved in photo processing for more than 33 years from back in the days of dark rooms and blind processing supplying Chemists as wholesalers through to state of the art digital systems and on-line ordering. We have seen many changes over the years but none more so than the introduction of Digital Imaging. For many labs this spelled the end of the line and many could not accept the change. In one year alone it was reported that as many as 80% of independently owned labs in Australia closed down.

We not only accept change, we embrace it. We have been managing the very expensive process of upgrading our equipment to maintain cutting edge technology without forsaking tradition where it counts. We believe it counts with your photos and as such the irony is we are resisting the change to ink jet technology for regular prints as the Silver Halide process is still far superior both now and in the future. .

Looking to the future, we see customer service as our priority as well as maintaining the passion of photography. It is so easy now to take a photograph that it is becoming lost as a means of recording history rather than as a snapshot that is discarded. We encourage you to print your photos for display and for archive so that when the time comes for looking back, you will have those memories in your hand to share rather than only in your memory.


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